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Dive Into the New Age of Automatic Trading

Our B2C Solution

Secure an unique invite to the community

Profectus AI is an unique group of like-minded individuals with a common objective in the financial markets. It is an invite only membership. The educational community is linked with the well-known New Capital FX community through Discord.

Create an account at the desired broker

Profectus AI works together with a few brokers that are the right fit for our system to execute the orders for the right prices with the right spreads and commissions. 

Connect and gain access to the flow of opportunities

Succeeding the membership and brokerage account, it is time to connect and gain access to the opportunities provided by the trading bot Profectus AI. In stage one you can instantly copy what the system is doing and decide your own risk parameters. 

Experience and develop alongside like-minded individuals

In the wake of the opportunity flow within our organization, the ability to network with like-minded individuals is opened within the Profectus AI Course.

We Are Profectus.

The name of our organization is coming from the Latin language; Prōfectus (genitive prōfectūs) (masc.)

Which translates to; Advance, progress, effect, increase, growth, profit, success

Our B2C Solution

Interested in joining forces?

The team behind Profectus AI is always open for partnerships. 

Interested in the system?

Profectus AI is a software company that has been getting multiple offers to sell the system, if you think that you're the right person to gain unlimited access to the system, sent an offer to 

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