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Our Mission & Vision

Lowering the barrier for financial traders to learn to model the financial markets. 

It is extremely difficult for traders to gain consistency in the uncertain and volatile markets, Profectus AI changes that. 

The Story

Profectus AI is created to help traders with gaining an edge in the markets.


Through the flow of opportunities provided by the system, traders from all kind of backgrounds can experience the feeling of consistent profitable results with a relatively low level of drawdown.

This company is managed by a group of traders, developers and fund managers with a similar obsession towards the financial markets.

The main struggle we've seen over the last 5 years was to grow a trading account to a reasonable size.

Yet, it is almost impossible to find a system or strategy that would help you achieve this edge that you need in the market. No analytical solution is able to provide you with the long-term accuracy that is needed for long-term success.

Because of these struggles that we've seen, my team and I decided to build Profectus AI. A revolutionized trading system which makes it effortless for you to follow the most accurate flow strategies. 

Profectus is the golden nugget you were looking for, which will definitely help you grow your account quickly, without having to guess which opportunities will be profitable or not.

Experienced Leadership

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